Sunday, February 13, 2011

Get A Different Name Day!

Happy Get A Different Name Day! I now declare that my name shall be: Evelyn S. D'ropper. For short, I'm going with Eve....oh wait. That's already my name...I'll get back to you, shall I?

I googled today's holiday, and that's what came up. I've really no idea how it connects. Might I point out that you may not want that child to achieve victory, if the creepy look in her too-innocent eyes means anything to you...

But I digress.

Today's WFTH are from the Say What? category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"I have a secret ninja at my house and he dresses like that." Well, he's not too secret anymore! Nice going!

"It's not a mistresspiece; it's just a box of waffles." Hmmph.

"Also, on Friday, my table at lunch had a funeral for a banana." Bananas--putting the 'fun' in 'funeral' since 1981!

Person 1: "What's your wish for 11:11?"
Person 2 [girl]: "To be a man!" For just that one minute? Yep, that makes sense...not...

"Wanna see my alien cheerleader?" If this is another one of those dumb pick-up lines, I'm gonna smack somebody.


charli said...

Maybe the creepy girl is named Victory...wonder how much cheese this ad sold.

I love banana tasty!

Blake said...

Haha... alien cheerleader as a pickup line. The sheer absurdity of it.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Probably it caused a dramatic drop in cheese sales because everyone was afraid if they bought this cheese this chick would follow them home, never blinking once the entire time.

I bet it'd work on some people!