Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Aw, so cute. Going along with the teddy bear's WFTH are under the headline of Fairly Mean! ...ok, that might not be a theme so much as...actually I have no idea how those two are connected. But most teddy bears I've known are pretty mean, let me tell you. Mm-hmm. ;) My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"We don't hate you, Trevor, we just like to make fun of you." Well, that's better than nothing. No, wait. Maybe it's worse.

"She wants to stab me in the eye." That's it? You must have been extra-nice to her today.

Person 1: [sneezes]
Person 2: "Dumbest sneeze I've ever heard." Well don't go hatin' on my sneezes! Oh no you di'int!

"[singing] You're a lying sack of horse manure!" Thank you for that lovely image.

...more teddy bears! umm...this one's kinda creepy, actually. zzzzombie bear will eat your brainzzzz...

aaaand this one is clearly unloved. ack! (actually, upon closer inspection (that is, a google search), it transpires that it does, indeed, have a head...but when you take the head off, it becomes a flash drive for a USB port...creeeepy. I prefer the non-dismembered flash drives, myself.)

and this one I just had to include. what the heck. epic minature teddy bear is epic! and mini! (unless that's a reeeeally big eyeball. just sayin'.)

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Eve S. D'ropper said...

hola! can you tell I figured out how to add pictures? ;)