Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bonus Saturday! Whoopee!

Whoopee pies are delicious, by the way. They're actually cookies, with, like, creme in between them...and every time you eat one you have to say 'whoopee.' Which greatly increases the fun factor. :D

See? Don't they look amazing? Hmm...I must see if we have ingredients for said delicious treat. But first! A Bonus Saturday post! With the theme of...Say What? My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"[sneezes] Oh! I've been meaning to sneeze all day!" To Do Today: Clean Kitchen, Make Whoopee Pies, Sneeze. Check!

"Anna just explodes if you touch her. She's like a bomb." That's almost never good. But funny to watch!

"I like going up to random French people, saying 'I hear the windmill,' and walking away." I like being a random French person just to be completely nonplussed by this statement.

"First I would like to show you my machine gun punch." Delicious. I love punch, especially that of the Hawaiian variety. Although...hmm. Perhaps she didn't mean the juice variety.

"You can't swing a dead cat without getting a picture of her picking her nose!" Um. I have no comment for this.

I'm sure there's a holiday for today...

Oh yeah! Happy New Year's, everybody! Apparently I already have 58 page views for cool! :D Thanks for stopping by! Ooh! Random picture time!

Heh. Get it? It's an eye-pod? Haha...? Okay, guess that's only funny to me. Again.
(This seems to be a recurring issue.)

Anyway. Today's WFTH are animal-themed! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"Guess what? Yesterday Piggy blew up a gasoline was funny, 'cause he just jumped on it and it exploded and his butt caught fire." That is funny.

"I saw one of those ancient fish-bug things." Most people call them...actually, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Person 1: "Some people have razors. Corinne has a rabbit."
Person 2: "Does it eat your hair?" New. Improved. Rrrrabbit razors! Just squish up a carrot, rub it all over whatever hair needs trimmed, and watch it work! Only 29.95 with a million dollars of shipping and handling. Call now!

"Here's your pig back." Is his butt on fire?

"There was this giant rainbow iguana that I had to fight..." Um, why would you fight that? Make friends and see if it flies, preferably while holding you on its back! That would be an amazing way to get to school!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Buckeye Man! Mwah ha ha...

A little clay buckeye man with a smile and metal arms and legs has joined the ranks of Things Watching Me As I Blog on top of the computer desk. I think it's making friends/allies with the stone dinosaur of yellow-eyed fame (or infamy...) and the bluebird that sparkles deceptively whose wing I accidentally broke when I jostled the computer and it fell (apparently it hasn't learned how to detach its wings from its body for use in flying yet).

The buckeye's smile is probably hiding an eeeevil plan.

I'll try not to let it bother me.

So, today's Words are from the Say What? category. My comments are in italics. Enjoy! :D

Person 1: "Hi, this is Christine Keiro."
Person 2: "Mrr."
Person 1: "And this is my llama." Um. Okaaaay...

"THE HORSE IS SNIFFING ME!" Thank you for sharing.

"Caroline, there's a bunch of hoopla." Exciting this...really isn't.

"When I'm a fairy, my name is Lemon Drop, and I turn things yellow when I touch them." Epic.

"Can we, like, have a pillow out of your hair?" If you insist. I'm not sure how fluffy it'll be but...feel free! Oh, and it'll cost you a billion pennies and twenty thousand nickels. Exact change. Thanks, come again! :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Negative Yellow

Green + Orange - Purple - (3(Yellow)) = -Yellow

Right? Right. (You can break it into primary colors if you're so inclined; it makes more sense that way. :D)

Guess what? It's National French Toast Day!


Anyway. Today's WFTH are from the Fairly Mean category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"I just killed a guy. You're gonna go to bed thinking about how I just killed a guy." And that's always something you wanna hear in the middle of science class. Plus, I wasn't going to go to bed thinking about that until you said that so...thanks!

"Because you look like you're gonna die." Not to be mean or anything. This was a teacher, by the way.

"Two hearts are feasting on Grandpa." Cannibals! ...Maybe they're Christmas cannibals. I'm told those are the best kind. Though they don't strike me as particularly great...
"T.J.'s like, 'What? I just woke up from a sleep that lasted for the last eleven years...'" Nice. Also a teacher speaking. I love these honest assessments...

Monday, December 27, 2010


Waaaaay...down among Brazilians coffee beans grow by the billions so they've got to find some extra cups to fill....oh, hi. Sorry. I was singing this totally awesome and/or random song that was in a piano book at my house. No idea.
Yooooooo can't get cherry soda 'cause they've got to fill their quota and the way things are I guess they never wiiiiiiill, they've got an awful lot of coffee in Braziiiiiiiiil!
Thank you. Can you tell I've been practicing? ;)

Ooooooon a somewhat less musical note (though I may or may not still be singing, hmm...), today's Words are from the Say What? category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"[singing] Hello? Water?" Goodbye water, helloooo apple juice!

Person 1: "Give me my finger."
Person 2: "I don't know where it's at." Fairly easy to lose, I know from experience...check the lost and found!

"We foreclosed your bookbag." Not again!

"Don't kill the air!" Or the air may have to kill you right back! So there!! ...No idea.

"[singing] I love sweaters!" Thaaaaank you for shaaaaaaaaring!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Essay of Doom

So...we had to take an essay. An in-class essay (not this week or anything...this was a while ago, but it still gives me nightmares. Kinda.)

Taking an in-class essay is bad enough. The time limit, the clock behind your head so you can't actually see how much time you have left without the extreme effort of craning your neck and trying not to look like you're checking out anyone else in the room because you're actually just looking at the clock, the stress of forgetting until halfway through the essay that you're only allowed to use black ink (panic!), the AP-test-level question, having to analyze a poem you've never seen before in your life...the list goes on. But my class...always takes them when we have a sub. Like, pretty much unfailingly always. I can't even remember taking one in-class essay when the teacher was there. So you can't ask the teacher for help (not that you would anyway, he'd probably take points off or something equally sinister, maybe just point and laugh (joking (kinda))).

So I'm sitting there, trying to analyze a Keats poem. It was pretty. But really, some poems don't need to be analyzed. Some should just be left in their native environments, free to skip about merrily and bring joy or meaning to people's lives. (The ones I would love to just leave alone are mainly the ones that I have to write about. No correlation whatsoever, I'm sure...) This analysis is made somewhat difficult by the fact that, halfway through the essay, there is this snapping noise. A snipping, almost. Sharp, familiar...I realize what it is. The subsitute is clipping his fingernails. A great pastime, I myself have clipped my fingernails many times and always found it enjoyable...but NOT during a timed ESSAY! What the heck? I shake my head, trying to focus. Diction, syntax, literary elements, specific examples, blah blah blah...then another sound comes into play.

The walls at my school vary in material. Some are made out of plaster or whatever most walls are made out of. Those are the ones you can't put posters on or you'll get eaten or given detention or some dire consequence, who knows. Just don't do it. Some are made out of brick and stuff. And some are...metal. Metal's cool. It's sturdy, you can hang magnetic poetry on the walls (I myself have created a fairly-nonsensical-due-to-lack-of-available-words haiku or two in my English room; for a while the magnetic poetry was directly behind my desk), it's...metallic...and easily painted that color of all colors...beige. But most of all? Metal walls are THIN! Sometimes you can hear through them! Normally this is not a problem...but we were completely silent, except for the scribbling of pens and the scratching-out of paragraphs (mostly me)...and we're right next door to the Health room...the teacher of which was giving a very loud lecture on STDs.

This did not go well with the essay. At all.

Most of the room, once they realize what the other room is discussing (we've all had that class--it's pretty hard to forget), bursts into extremely-quiet-and-trying-to-suppress-altogether-because-we're-running-out-of-time giggles, then refocuses on their page. Which gets harder to do, focus I mean, as the lecture continues, ebbing and returning to full volume. Finally (we hope) it stops altogether...until the acting-stuff-out part comes. You can tell it's that portion because the male teacher is (for some, unknown reason) pretending to sob like a girl. Who the heck knows.

I got a 6.5 out of 9 on that essay. Somehow, I feel it might be easier if we just took essays in a locked room...with thick walls...without any teachers nearby. But, then, where's the motivation to take the essay at all? More importantly...does it matter?

But...I digress. Or rather, I never actually started on WFTH to digress from them. My apologies.

Today's WFTH are from the Rather Duh-Inspiring category. My comments are in italics. Enjoy! :D

"So it's a pretty good probability, if you take a black-haired person, that they will have brown hair." If by 'pretty good' you mean 'zero.' I hate to say it, folks...but this was a math teacher.

"No quieting! I mean no talking!" I was! I mean, I wasn't!

Person 1: "My brother cheered for OSU. I had nachos at the game!"
Person 2: "I'm sure those are related."
Person 1: "Well, I'm related to my brother." Um. Wow.

"Songs are in quotation points." And this is an excitement mark! ! ! ! Actually, four of them. At least, that's what I learned in kindergarten. Also, that White-Out was known as 'boo-boo tape.' This appears to be a teacher of similar teaching styles...or something.