Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bonus Saturday!!

'Tis Bonus Saturday, once again, so here is an additional post, with the category of Say What? :) My comments are in italics; enjoy!

"It's like your body is falling apart." And that's almost never good.

Person 1: "Did you just hit my butt with a hairbrush?"
Person 2: "Maybe..." Ooookay...

"Don't look at the fish. It kills with its eyes." Ahh! Panic! The fish is deadly! Deadly fish! Deadly fish! Panic!

"[singing] I like to play bananas, I eat them every day." That's...nice.

"Abby is ruling (under Holly, of course) Florida with her army of Giant Flying Purple Fuzzy Bologna-Eating Kangaroos, Avonelle is the court jester, and Morgan is the loyal minion. And Holly is ruling the world with cheesesticks, of course." Of course.

Interwebs Errors

Hello, all! Sorry for the error on the website that doesn't allow comments to be posted; hope this is fixed by now! If not...that stinks. Sorry. Also apologize for the posting delays; my Internet doesn't work right now (I'm typing this in a word processor and will copy and paste later.) But I hope you are having a splendiforous day!

Today's WFTH are in the category of: Rather Duh-Inspiring! My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"Yes, because it's 90. And that isn't even 100!" So true. Guess that advanced math class is really workin' out for you.

Person 1: "Is that a bottle?"
Person 2: "Oh, is that her ham?"
Person 3: "Well it's clearly labeled 'ham,' so." Wow. Also: where is this ham, and can I have some?

"Oh, yeah. Sodium's afraid of water. That's what it is." Really? I never knew that!

Person 1: "Are you guys done making the brownies yet?"
Person 2: "No! If we were done making them, we wouldn't be making them anymore!"
Person 3: "Wow, Abby. That was articulate. Round of applause."

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Swap Ideas Day!

Although there are really no pictures to attach for this 'bout a brainstorm? The droplets are idea lightbulbs!

Today's WFTH are under the title of Say What? My comments are in italics! Hope you enjoy!

"The microwave demands a sacrifice!" Not again!

Person 1: "It looks like a volcano to me."
Person 2: "It looks like you're a volcano."
Person 1: "It looks like that was the worst comeback I've heard in my entire life." Ohhh! Buurn! Burn like lava!

"It's the Playdough Mountains, is what it is." Duh.

Person 1: "I love taking notes 'cause we don't get graded for them."
Person 2: "I love chemistry 'cause I'm failing." And non sequitors are like bicycles: They don't bathe.

"I told them Barbie doll was able to accomplish it." Well, if Barbie can accomplish something, anyone can! Right?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Aw, so cute. Going along with the teddy bear's WFTH are under the headline of Fairly Mean! ...ok, that might not be a theme so much as...actually I have no idea how those two are connected. But most teddy bears I've known are pretty mean, let me tell you. Mm-hmm. ;) My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"We don't hate you, Trevor, we just like to make fun of you." Well, that's better than nothing. No, wait. Maybe it's worse.

"She wants to stab me in the eye." That's it? You must have been extra-nice to her today.

Person 1: [sneezes]
Person 2: "Dumbest sneeze I've ever heard." Well don't go hatin' on my sneezes! Oh no you di'int!

"[singing] You're a lying sack of horse manure!" Thank you for that lovely image.

...more teddy bears! umm...this one's kinda creepy, actually. zzzzombie bear will eat your brainzzzz...

aaaand this one is clearly unloved. ack! (actually, upon closer inspection (that is, a google search), it transpires that it does, indeed, have a head...but when you take the head off, it becomes a flash drive for a USB port...creeeepy. I prefer the non-dismembered flash drives, myself.)

and this one I just had to include. what the heck. epic minature teddy bear is epic! and mini! (unless that's a reeeeally big eyeball. just sayin'.)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You know you're back at school when... try to describe your homework levels to someone by drawing a distribution graph in midair. (sad, sad, sad...) (also sad how high said homework levels were...) (oh well...) :D

Today's WFTH shall hopefully provoke a Say What? reaction, since that is, indeed, the category they are in! :) My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

Oh, and some blogs, I've heard, have Wordle Wednesdays, so now I want to try that! :) Below, thus, is the word cloud created from this web page's link (not including today's post, I assume). Not sure how well you can see it, but they're pretty cool. You can create them yourself, just google Wordle, I guess, then you can put this website's link in the text bar for links! :D)

"Hobo is as hobo does." So true, so true.

Person 1: "Okey-dokey!"
Person 2: "I was okeling-dokeling last night."
Person 3: "While I was yodeling." Oookay...

"And then grow a freakishly long right arm and things." If you insist.

"Then we can just continue to have the dead parrot pop up randomly." How nice...where, exactly, is this dead parrot coming from?

Person 1: "Caesar, how could you?"
Person 2: "I am related to you!"
Person 1: "I am your mother!" Can I just say...these were both male students...neither of whom were named Caesar...whaaatever.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy NRNS Day!

Which I have now made the official acronym for Happy Neither Rain Nor Snow Day! (Which is what it is today...I guess referring to the postal service?) So, go...appreciate some mail carriers, or something! :)

Today's WFTH are in the category of...Rather Duh-Inspiring! My comments are in italics!

"Is it considered ironic to download Christian music illegally?" Hmmm...

"OMG, it's a multicolored rainbow!" Oh, how rare and beautiful! We must all scrapbook the multicolored rainbow!

"I have a photographic memory...of things I want to remember...sometimes." How specific...are you sure that's a photographic memory?

"Hey, you know what would be weird? If we could communicate with people using the Internet!" Yeah...I wish I could do that...(sigh)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yello, yello, I don't know why you say goodbye, I say yello...or something like that. That's a song, or something like one...:) 'Tis a Say What? day once again, my lovely readers! My comments are in italics, enjoy! :)

"Well, shoot me in the head and call me a biscuit!" ...If you insist.

"I hugged it and Death came out!" Well, how nice.

"I got a concussion from sitting in a pool one time!" Are you proud of this fact? And, the heck did you manage to do that?

"Ah-1! Ah-2! Ah-1-2-3-4! Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Rein--I don't know the rest of the song." Well, so far it sounds great.

"Want some cow butter?" One, where did you get cow butter, and why would I want some...and two, isn't all butter cow butter?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

SiiS again!

...That is, Send-it-in-Sunday! Feel free to put WFTH you've heard in the comments! :D
Today's subject is...Kinda Gross! Enjoy, and have a lurvely long weekend! :) My comments are in italics!

"Careful! You'll spill the blood!" Well, that's always something you want to hear...

"A bunch of organs!" Really? Where? I lost mine!

Person 1: "We got pork chop shakes..."
Person 2: "You could pour it on your mashed potatoes!" ...yum...:P

"And my ear was full of spit all through Power of the Pen 'cause he burped directly into my ear after seventh period and my ear was full of spit." Well how nice for you. How....disgustingly lovely.