Saturday, August 6, 2011

National Wiggle Your Toes Day!

Happy National Wiggle Your Toes Day! How wonderful it is to have a national holiday devoted to my main hobby...

Also, were you aware that we are in the midst of National Romance Awareness Month and National Foot Health Month, which one wouldn't think would be related but apparently are? Well, now you are. You're welcome. XD

Random picture of the day:

Ah, if only elephants had toes to wiggle. Or, actually, they might. Do elephants have toes? Add that to the list of Questions For The Ages. Or just google it. Whatevs.

Anyway, today's Words are from the Conversations category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

Person 1: "I just cracked my knuckles menacingly."
Person 2: "I am feeling menaced!" Well, that works out, then.


Person 1: "Did you say my name?"
Person 2: "Uh, nope. But I can! Susie. Susie. Susie." Gee, thanks. You're so helpful!


Person 1: "It's gotta be creepy, like people who live in the swamp."
Person 2: "...That's the simile you came up with?"
Person 1: "You know, like witch doctors, they live in the bayou!"
Person 2: "...what?" Ohhh, witch doctors! ...nope, still don't get it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

National Mustard Day!

Happy National Mustard Day! ...ew.

Random picture of the day:

Oh, the beauty! The tantalizing, buttery beauty!

Anyway, today's Words are from the category of Say What? My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"It's not a storm, it's...flying stingrays?" But of course!

Person 1: "'Urinetown--the musical.' Jazz hands? Okay with that?"
Person 2: "I'm always okay with jazz hands." Jazz hands for the win!

"Well, it was either going to be ice cream or Pachelbel." The two are eerily similar.

"You are also apocalyptic meatloaf, mind you." Oh, I mind, all right.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

National Chocolate Chip Day!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! And, of course, fate has cruelly chosen this day for me to run out of milk-chocolate chips. Oh, the irony!!!

Random picture of the day:

Well, that looks comfy.

Anyway, today's Words are from the Rather Duh-Inspiring category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

Person 1: "First what we need to do is make Brendo really, really obese. And then in a day his metabolism will turn it into muscle, and then he won't be so scrawny!"
Person 2: "I don't think it works like that." Oh, what do you know? ...actually, I don't think so either. I just wanted to argue.

"Does everyone understand what 'crazy with the nitrates' means? It's like kidney poisoning, but it's a funny way to write it, 'cause kidney poisoning's not funny." Maybe not to you.

"Make sure you hold out that silent 'w.'" So...just shut up, basically?

Person 1: "Kate, you've gotten taller!"
Person 2: "I don't think so. I have not grown an inch."
Person 1: "Oh. Have I gotten shrinker?" Um, usually we call that 'shorter,' but new words are always fun, too!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ice Cream Soda Sandwiches!

Hi, y'all! Sorry for not posting recently; I've hardly heard any Words recently, as I haven't been in any school hallways! (Thank goodness for summer vacation!) But anyway, Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and National Ice Cream Soda Day! I suggest pouring soda in between two layers of ice cream to create an Ice Cream Soda Sandwich.

Random picture of the day:

How marvellous. Also, what the heck?

Anyway, today's Words are from the Conversations category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

Person 1: "I've never met a squid I didn't like!"
Person 2: "That's because you've never met a squid." And your point is...?


Person 1: "Why did you search 'women crying in their wedding dresses' on my computer?"
Person 2: "Because I wanted to laugh at women crying in their wedding dresses." Your logic boggles the mind.


Person 1: "My own mother laughs at me when I fall down the stairs."
Person 2: "That's just sad." And, somehow, hilarious! ...I mean sad. Very, very sad.