Saturday, September 4, 2010


(I love the squiggly key. Does that have a real name?) (If it does, I'm still gonna call it the squiggly.) (Just so ya know.) :D

The WFTH for the day are from the Say What? category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"Mousse: Because ice cream has no bones." Well, thanks for clearing that up. That's the best slogan I've heard all day. ~ squigglies rock btw ~

"Yeah, sometimes life gets boring, so I set fire to my paper bag."  I hear ya. What a great solution.

Person 1: "Personification! Where is the personification [in this poem]?"
Person 2: "'Memories retire.'"
Person 1: "Right. Can memories retire?"
Person 3: "Well, maybe not in this economic depression..." I'll bet they don't even get social security. They probably forgot.

"Was that a doughnut getting married?" I sure hope so. I love a good hole-y matrimony reception. ;)


Blake said...

Sqiggles... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Those poor forgetful memories.
P.S. When are you going to have another "Post Your Own WFTH" day, because I have a couple I've been saving for you.

charli said...

It should be called the squiggly key if it's not. And I'm glad the memories have thought of their future so carefully and are still planning to smart!