Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Tis Random again!

Someone just tossed a rubber squeaky chicken at me and deemed it dead. And people wonder why I'm strange.

Today's WFTH are...Random! My comments are italicized! (Did I spell that right? Whatevs. :D)

"A robot monkey butler. Gotta have a robot monkey butler." Well, duh. That goes without saying.

"It took me five and a half hours and I died 38 times!!!!" Huh. That stinks.

Person 1: [sneezes]
Person 2: "Bless you, Toothpaste!" ...thanks?

"I swear, I love the little guy, but when he smuggles an elephant into my mind and spray-paints 'Colin is awesome' all over it, it gets a little much." I understand completely. ...Wait, what?


Blake said...

There are SO MANY weird Colin comments on here, man. And they're all old.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha these are AWESOME, Eve! I'll be listening around school for my own WFTH! The last one sounds like someone I know who has a little friend named Colin... ;)

Can't wait to read more! :) Sara

Tassel said...

Oh, Colin. The things you do to her. Poor girl.