Monday, August 30, 2010

Robot Love Song.

Someone showed me a robot love song on Youtube. Funniest. Thing. Ever! (Well, one of them at any rate.) Also, today is Toasted Marshmallow Day, so, ya know. That rocks. :D So, today's WFTH are...Kinda Gross! :) My comments are in italics!

"'Strange'-lers of the world unite! IN THE BATHROOM!" ...oookay.

"And your brain cells break off and then your brain will move up and down!" Is that how that works?

"I have a spleen. Do you have a spleen?" I think so, but now I'm worried. Is this one of those rhetorical questions?

"They put a butterfly on your arm and it sucks your blood." Well that's good....wait, what?


Blake said...

I hope the butterflies don't sparkle... that would be creepy.

charli said...

Ack! Vampire butterflies! who knew??

Tassel said...

Hey! I showed you that robot love song! Wasn't it adorable?

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Yes, yes it would. But it's only creepy in direct sunlight, does that help? ;)

yes, tassel!!! (actually I'm listening to it right now, lol!)