Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trail Mix Day! Whaa?

So cool, right? Go enjoy some trail mix. Preferably with some form of chocolate. And also go enjoy some WFTH of the So What? category! My comments are in italics! :)

"The door has become enjambed." And the students have enj-become narrators.

"That would be what we would call a schload." Oh, well of course.

"Hey, Jocelyn. How's your spleen?" Fine, thanks, and my epidermis is feelin' fiiiiine.

"Shh! I'm lying! [ahem] My hair...is blue." uh...thanks for sharing?

Person 1: "Coffey has battle wounds. Tell us, Coffey!"
Person 2: "Well, Joey hit me in the neck with a stick. Because we had a stick fight." Well that could be part of your problem, there.


Blake said...

Are spleens like, the mascot vestigial body part of this blog?

charli said...

well, Blake, we can only hope so.