Sunday, September 5, 2010

SiiS again!

...That is, Send-it-in-Sunday! Feel free to put WFTH you've heard in the comments! :D
Today's subject is...Kinda Gross! Enjoy, and have a lurvely long weekend! :) My comments are in italics!

"Careful! You'll spill the blood!" Well, that's always something you want to hear...

"A bunch of organs!" Really? Where? I lost mine!

Person 1: "We got pork chop shakes..."
Person 2: "You could pour it on your mashed potatoes!" ...yum...:P

"And my ear was full of spit all through Power of the Pen 'cause he burped directly into my ear after seventh period and my ear was full of spit." Well how nice for you. How....disgustingly lovely.


Blake said...

Pork chop shakes and mashed potatoes sound eerily good...
I experienced that last one. Not pleasant.

Okay, so the ones I've been saving are:
Yay for waterboarding! (yelled quite loudly on the bus)
There were CRYSTALS in my nose. (between classes, and the guy wasn't talking about drugs, I know that for sure.)

charli said...

Wouldn't a pork chop shake just be gravy?? And I'm ok with it on my potatoes, but I'm not drinking it!