Saturday, June 11, 2011

King Kamehameha Day & Winners Announced!!!

Happy King Kamehameha Day! Points to whoever can pronounce that.  Well, actually, anyone can pronounce probably just won't be correct. Apparently, King Whoosiewhatsits, I mean Kamehameha, was the first king of Hawaii, and this merits his own holiday. I bet if I were king of Hawaii, they wouldn't give me a holiday--actually that wouldn't work. Never mind.

Random picture of the day:

Well, that's almost never good.

Oooh, going along with the general theme of doom (just kidding!), The WFTH Contest Winners Have Been Announced!

1st Prize (WFTH T-shirt): simplyamusing!
2nd Prize (truffles, Footnotes, pencil): Tassel!
3rd Prize (random candy bar): Julie K!

I will e-mail y'alls regarding prize-giving-out! Thanks again, and congrats!

Thank you to all who entered and all who kept reading WFTH even though there were annoying Blogger comment-y issues! Have a fabulous day! :D

...anyway, today's Words are from the Conversations category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

Person 1: "We need to have daily back rubs. Where we all sit in a circle."
Person 2: "We need to have daily foot rubs."
Person 3: "Ew."
Person 4: "I'm gonna stay home sick that day."
Person 2: "They're daily foot rubs. Daily means every day."
Person 4: "I'm gonna stay home sick next year." Good plan.


Person 1: "They have study guides, and th--you have something growing on your shoulder."
Person 2: "Um, yeah. I got an elephant because I got a 100 in math class. I'm pretty stoked about it."
Person 1: "Oh yeah, well my elephant says..."
Person 3: "He's better."
Person 1: "He's better." Oh, this is very Physics-related. I'm just trying to figure out the physics of how he has an elephant on his shoulder but is still somehow sitting upright. I thought their crushing mass...never mind.


Person 1: "Yesterday I was talking to worms."
Person 2: "You were talking to worms?"
Person 1: "Yeah, I was, like, [high-pitched] 'rr-rrr-rrr-rrrr'!"
Person 2: "Is that worm language, then?"
Person 1: "Yeah." Well how nice for you...It's astonishing how much I don't care.


Person 1: "What's that?"
Person 2: "A moaning walrus." Duh.

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