Friday, June 10, 2011

National Yo-Yo Day!

Happy National Yo-Yo Day!! Be sure to listen to the famous instrumentalist Yo-Yo Ma. I'm pretty sure that's what this is referring to. Maybe. Also I think there's some kind of round toy with the same name. But that's probably not important.

Random picture of the day:

Anyway, today's quotes are from the category of Say What? My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"Rainbow education?" But of course! One must be able to learn the difference between, for example, rainbows with leprechaun gold, and rainbows with mere pirate gold. Or rainbows near unicorns, or far from them and near narwhals instead. Surely you understand the importance.

"Guess I'll go ahead and play my book flute." Ummmm, yeah. You do that.

"Oh yeah, you're a golden retriever that turns into a goose!" How could you forget?! I've spent my whole life training to become the most revered gooseden retreiver the world has ever known! Oh, I'm so offended.

"Trevor, you are a perfect mermaid." I'm pretty sure that's not an insult...? ...maybe?

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