Friday, January 28, 2011

National Kazoo Day!

It's National Kazoo Day!!

(I love that there is a picture of this online.)

Okay, breaking news. I just found out that I have been kazooing backwards for all my life!!! (The reason I know this is partly because of this picture but also because I informed my friends that it was National Kazoo Day today at lunch and one of them immediately pulled out a small kazoo that she apparently keeps on hand at all times and started playing a song from A Very Potter Sequel, among other songs. (So cool, right? I must now put an emergency kazoo in my backpack, for just such an occasion. Be prepared, and all that jazz.) And apparently, you play a kazoo with the smaller, not the larger, end in your mouth.

I know. I am shocked too! I have been using the wrong end of the kazoo for my entire kazooing career! (Which, let's face it, is pretty important.)


Well, there's nothing wrong with being unique. Just like everybody else.

...anyway...Today's WFTH are from the category of Say What? My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"You can't just ask someone what world they live in! Take it back!" Sorr-ree.

"I'm gonna get a reward for putting a shark on somebody's head." Um. How nice for you. ...what did you do with the shark afterwards?

"And all of a sudden, you're related to George Washington!" Really? Weird! And here I thought being related to someone was, um, a longtime event...not all of a sudden...but clearly I was mistaken...

Person 1: "I know they're dating!"
Person 2: "We are not! We are not even close to dating!"
Person 1: "I saw him get down on one knee and propose to [Person 2]!"
Person 2: "Why am I always the last person to hear about these things?" ...that is a very good question.


Blake said...

I used to be an illustrious kazooist myself.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

LOL. Define "illustrious." I don't believe you. :)

thecornerchair said...

I DO keep it on hand at all times! I need it in case I get bored!

Although, seriously, I went around for, like, a week worried that I was playing it backwards. We got them at church and EVERYONE played them with the small end out and I was like, um, hello? The bell should be on the OUTSIDE, am I right?

Then I asked Dr. Reynolds at DPYO, and he said I was right. He's a professional, so I trusted him.

charli said...

Your mom must be an idiot if she taught you to kazoo wrong...poor child!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

But of course, thecornerchair! I agree wholeheartedly and agreeably!

Ha! That's awesome. Professional kazoo players = win. Although I'm sure he's a professional in other things as well. Okay, thank you for confirming that my entire childhood kazooist life was a lie. It's best to know now, I guess. *sigh*

LOL for inside jokes, charli.