Sunday, December 19, 2010

Send-it-in Sunday!

Ah, 'tis Send-it-in Sunday, once again! Please feel free to post any WFTH you may have heard in the comments! :) Also, have a fantabulous week! :D

So, today's Words are from the Say What? category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"They had people fighting, with muskets, in their underwear!" And why they had muskets in their underwear, we will never know. Most people at least used pockets, but...whatevs.

"Well, after Leo unleashed about six plot bunnies to gnaw at my brain, he is being less reclusive." Well that's good. I think. Not entirely sure on that point.

"You yourself said you stalked the dude in the cave!" Good point. I almost forgot.

"Shut it, you'll hurt her feelings. And when she gets mad, let's just say she grows wings. Flaming wings." Yes, let us just say that.

"I have so many cows." Is that a complaint, or just a statement of fact?


Anonymous said...

What? No random holiday? I tried to find one on google, but all I found was that today is the 353rd day of the year! :D

~Sara ;)

Eve S. D'ropper said...

That is a random holiday too! Yay! :D

Blake said...

Oh man, plot bunnies...
Hey, it wasn't my fault, that dude was hot!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

LOL, Blake. I think the flaming wings one was you, too.