Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Squids, Shoes, and Duct Tape

Hello, all! 'Tis Tuesday, a very good day when one doesn't have anything in particular to do. Guess what? I made a squid out of clay. It's exciting. And it's wearing an elf hat and a bemused expression. For Squidsmas Christmas, of course! :D

Oh, guess what else? Someone I know is applying for a grant to provide shoes to those without through the Pepsi-Refresh Everything program, and right now they're in fifth place for their category, and there are only 11 days left to vote...it's really easy to help out those in need, through this and other grants on the website; their Shoes 4 The Shoeless link is here http://pep.si/heZj5S and the website overall is here http://www.refresheverything.com/, so please feel free to visit these, you can vote to support ten grant ideas daily either by clicking a button that says "Vote" or, for this particular one, by texting 104665 to PEPSI (73774). Then, you can relax and know that you've helped someone in need. :) Thanks so much!

Okay, now I'm done with proponing (is this the right word?) things for the day (hopefully for a while), so now on to the Words from the Hallway! Today's are from the Say What? category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"You know what. I really cannot remember why I was screaming." Clearly it wasn't too terribly traumatic then.

"I'm allergic to flash photography." Say cheese achoo!!

Person 1: "Can we duct-tape you to a wall for non-preachy reasons?"
Person 2: "OK." ...duct tape...part of a nutritious, healthy breakfast...or something....

"Ryan, don't tell me you don't suck on toothpaste!" Well, I won't tell you but...

Teacher: "Any questions?"
Student: "Could you swim in pudding?" I'm pretty sure she meant 'Any questions related to electrons?' but, ya know, whatever...

"If they want to jump into a stolen car and drive themselves to Charleston, South Carolina, without a license, I can't stop them. Even if they're really supposed to be getting on a plane to New York. Even if the whole plot depends on them getting on that plane to New York. If they don't want to get on, there's nothing I can do about it." I really hope we're talking about fictional characters, here.

"Am I stupid or are you just joking?" Do I have to pick just one?


thecornerchair said...



Blake said...

Can you swim in pudding indeed. The real question is can you swim in JELLO?

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Yay!! National Haiku Day is fantabulous!!! Also, it's look on the bright side day. On the bright side, I got a haiku and a smiley face today...and a metaphysical/philosophical/food-related question.

The answer is: fish.

Blake said...

The answer is always fish.
Or 42.
Or don't blink.
Depends on what kind of fangirl you are.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

What fangirl goes with 'don't blink'?

thecornerchair said...

Uh, Doctor Who. DUUUUUUH. XP

Blake said...

A Doctor Who one!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Oh. Sorrrrry. :)