Saturday, September 11, 2010

Interwebs Errors

Hello, all! Sorry for the error on the website that doesn't allow comments to be posted; hope this is fixed by now! If not...that stinks. Sorry. Also apologize for the posting delays; my Internet doesn't work right now (I'm typing this in a word processor and will copy and paste later.) But I hope you are having a splendiforous day!

Today's WFTH are in the category of: Rather Duh-Inspiring! My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"Yes, because it's 90. And that isn't even 100!" So true. Guess that advanced math class is really workin' out for you.

Person 1: "Is that a bottle?"
Person 2: "Oh, is that her ham?"
Person 3: "Well it's clearly labeled 'ham,' so." Wow. Also: where is this ham, and can I have some?

"Oh, yeah. Sodium's afraid of water. That's what it is." Really? I never knew that!

Person 1: "Are you guys done making the brownies yet?"
Person 2: "No! If we were done making them, we wouldn't be making them anymore!"
Person 3: "Wow, Abby. That was articulate. Round of applause."

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Blake said...

Poor sodium and its salty fright.