Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bonus Saturday!!

'Tis Bonus Saturday, once again, so here is an additional post, with the category of Say What? :) My comments are in italics; enjoy!

"It's like your body is falling apart." And that's almost never good.

Person 1: "Did you just hit my butt with a hairbrush?"
Person 2: "Maybe..." Ooookay...

"Don't look at the fish. It kills with its eyes." Ahh! Panic! The fish is deadly! Deadly fish! Deadly fish! Panic!

"[singing] I like to play bananas, I eat them every day." That's...nice.

"Abby is ruling (under Holly, of course) Florida with her army of Giant Flying Purple Fuzzy Bologna-Eating Kangaroos, Avonelle is the court jester, and Morgan is the loyal minion. And Holly is ruling the world with cheesesticks, of course." Of course.


charli said...

that's some talented fish! I guess the phrase "If looks could kill, you'd be dead" came from that!

Blake said...

Hairbrush abuse!
Oh geez, the last one, man.