Sunday, September 12, 2010

Panic! It's almost Monday!

Okay, don't panic yet. Wait 'till a coupla hours from now. :) Today is Send-it-in-Sunday, so if you've heard any Words From The Hallway recently, feel free to post them in the comments, even if you're reading this on a different day! :)

Today's WFTH are...Kinda Gross! My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"Ew! You hacked a loogy on my neck!" Thank you for sharing.

"Measure 84: Snap my eyes out with a spoon!" Oookay...

Person 1: "And you nail-filed your head off?"
Person 2: "I'm pretty sure you'd die before you nail-filed your head off." Yes, but do you know that?

"And I was, like, 'How did I get sprinkles on my butt?'" Good question. I often ask that of myself.


Blake said...

Okay, I will never eat sprinkles EVER AGAIN.

Tassel said...

Person 1: "You want to stab the only girl in the world nice enough to love him?!"
Person 2: "Well, GENTLY!"