Monday, September 13, 2010

Jazz Hands!

see 'em? ....*struggles to figure out how to 'draw' jazz hands with computer keyboard* *fails* :) You'll just have to imagine them. :)

Today's WFTH are in the Say What? category! Hope you enjoy! My comments are in italics. :)

"Can I, like, switch from trumpet to the electric triangle?" Oh, sure, sure. Wait--electric triangle?

"It's so refreshing I died." That is refreshing.

"I heard you say 'my pants are out of control!'" Not again...

"There are no unicorns in London. Usually." Are you cereal? That was the only reason I was going to go to Europe this summer! Drat.

"The excitement of watching a cow in a field: Overwhelming." ...iiif you say so.


Blake said...

*plugs in triangle* Arrreee you ready to raaawk?!
There may be no unicorns, but there are aliens and David Tennant! *Doctor Who fangirlisms*

charli said...

If there are no unicorns in London, does that mean there are no dragons either?? Or should we just go the museum to see them? Don't even tell me they aren't in the museum in London either!