Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy National Creme-Filled Doughnut Day!!!

(In celebration, I wore my donut earrings. What did you do? Oh! Burrrn! :D) neeever mind....can you tell I haven't been home all day until now and may/may not be a weeee bit sleep deprived. ;)

ANYwho, today's WFTH are Fairly Mean! My comments=italiciced italiziced italicized! :) Enjoy!

"You can't see someone thinking. If you can, they might have issues." Such as giant animated thought bubbles appearing above their heads...

Person 1: "The pig has a creepy smile."
Person 2: "The pig flew around the tree house."
Person 3: "The pig made a friend at the tree house."
Person 4: "The pig was fed fire." What a great friend.

"We're chopping down the Hundred-Acre Woods--and then we dig for oil!" I think they might have recently outgrown Pooh Bear juuust a little.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I have one even though it isn't "Send-it-in Sunday!"
"Do you think Taylor Swift makes her diary INTO songs or does she write her diary IN song?" Hmm... that is a VERY good question.

~Sara ;D

charli said...

Ack--what happened to Pooh? And now Eeyore's all vindicated in his persistent gloominess--the Hundred Acre Wood is an oil field now. bummer.

Blake said...

Poor Pooh Bear!
Piggy pig!

Tassel said...