Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy PlayDoh Day! :)

Ah...the edible cream of the crop for ages 3 and under...or something. I actually don't think I ever ate PlayDoh. Or paste...whatevs. But in case it strikes your fancy, here you are. Try not to drool too much. ;) 

Today's WFTH are from the category of...Say What? :) My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"Yesterday I had an attack of the turtle cooties." What a coincidence! I didn't!

"Michelle decided she's a self-destructing fish." Well, how nice. I must remember to buy her a fish-warming present.

"I'm gonna assume that's 'happy birthday' but knowing you it could be 'you smell like hot dogs.'" Whaaatever.

Person 1: "I got hit by a train today in History!"
Person 2: "Sweet! Tell me about it!" Copycat. I got hit by a subway in English.

"1...2...3...BUNNY FIGHT!"  I don't even want to know.


Blake said...

Geez, these train and subway engineers need to watch where they're going!
I want a fish-warming present!
I never ate Play Dough, but I think I licked it quite a lot.

Tassel said...

Heehee, the train was me. (That rhymed!) Well, Person 2 was me, anyway.