Sunday, September 19, 2010


Iiiit's...Talk Like A Pirate Day!!! (Also Emma Watson's bday--she plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies!) In honor of this swashbucklin' holiday, I've posted a picture of a Mickey D's toy Jack Sparrow--isn't it adorable??? I used to have one of these...its name was Yarhonk. Don't ask, mateys.

Anyway, today's WFTH are in the Kinda Gross category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy, or ye'll walk the plank!
Also, today is Send-it-in-Sunday! If you've heard some Words From The Hallway, feel free to post them in the comments to this post! :) Set sail and go cannonball some keelhaulers!

"You never know when you'll need to ask the person next to you to give you a kidney." Sage advice. The wisdom of the ages, and so on.

"It's just orange-colored fat." Oh, yeah? Your momma--that's not gonna end well. Never mind.

"Enter the wonderful world of sewage!" Uuuuum, no.

"What are cheese curds? Are they like buffalo chips?" Almost exactly like them except not at all.


Anonymous said...

Haha awesome! I have 2 WFTH, but I don't know what categories they'd be in:

"Do you like my stereotypical Asian writing?"

"Do you think Taylor Swift makes her diary into songs or does she write her diary IN song?"

Sara :)

Blake said...

Orange-colored fat... is that a flabby spray tan?

Tassel said...

Just overheard: "Don't lick his toothbrush!"

Yeah. Normal family.

charli said...

I don't think cheese curds...or whatever that verb would be. but ewww...thanks for that weird visual.

Anonymous said...

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