Friday, August 20, 2010

Nerf Darts, Reflections On

Did you know that, if thrown at precisely the right angle and with great force, a suction-cup Nerf dart will stick to the ceiling just the same as if shot out of a Nerf gun? ...I do now! ...and it might still be up there, in case you're wondering. *glances up* Yes, it's right *gets hit in head with falling dart* ...never mind. :)

Today's WFTH are in the category of...The Random Nonsensical Ones! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"And I'll swashbuckle anyone who needs swashbuckled!" Well, that's a relief. With what, exactly? A pencil?

"Talk about growling caterpillars." yyyeah. I know whatcha mean! (not.)

"I like your lip polish." Gee, thanks.

"Apparently he's allergic to blue glowy things." Wow. How will he survive?

"The juice is loose! The juice is loose! Oh no! The juice is loose!" comment is even possible here.

1 comment:

Blake said...

The juice really needs to lay off the fiber, man.