Thursday, August 19, 2010


(The chimes of my clock are going off. Thought I'd share.) Tomorrow should be the last of the really-late WFTH postings, so that's cool, kinda get them back on a normalish schedule...speaking of schedules, just got mine for school...of course I would have the latest lunch possible. Whatevs. :) Anyway, wrapped up and tied with a pink bow and a monkey on top, today's Kinda Mean Words From The Hallway! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"My choir of angels is gonna beat you up." Oh, yeah? Well, my choir of angels is you. Really loud. And off-key.

"That was your fatal flaw. It was called thinking." Nice to have teachers keep your ego in check...

Person 1: "Is that your dad in the driveway?"
Person 2: "Run him over! Run him over!"
Person 3: "No thanks; it might dent my car." Fair point. And the damage to the tires...actually it probably wouldn't damage the tires all that much. Never mind!

"Shut up or I'll eat you again!" No! Anything but that! ...wait, what?

"If you light someone on fire, is that bioluminescence?" I think part of the definition is that the bioluminescent creature is supposed to be lighting up, but maybe I've got that wrong...


charli said...

At least there's a solid reason for not running over the dad...he must be happy.

Blake said...

I will so eat you again if you say that, man.
*noms brains* Zommmbbbbiiieee