Monday, August 16, 2010

Ack! School is sneaking up on us!!

Induce panic! School is right around the corner, in, like, a week or so!!! Panic! Panic! Panic! ...okay, maybe we don't have to panic yet. But still. :)

Today's Words From The Hallway are in the category of...Random! My comments are in italics, as always! Enjoy! :)

"Penguins should drop from the sky in reality." Good point. Wouldn't that make life so much more exciting? Cloudy with a chance of penguins. And meatballs.

"Hey, I really like that deep, foresty purple!" Me too! ...wait...I always thought forests were, ya know, green. Maybe that's just me.

"Sorry, my hat was talking to me and I couldn't hear." It's okay. My earmuffs were looking at me and I couldn't see.

Person 1: "Is the dog coughing up a hairball?"
Person 2: "No, that was Daniel."
Person 1: "Oh." My question is: Was Daniel coughing up a hairball, or was the dog coughing up Daniel? ooo, I just blew your mind!! :)

"Ladies' dresses? As opposed to Men's Dresses?" ...That's actually a really good point.


charli said...

foresty purple--what a lovely shade! And if the dog is coughing up Daniel, how big IS this dog??

Tassel said...

The penguins was me too! And I think the dresses one was, as well. I don't remember.

Why, yes, you did blow my mind. AND YES THERE SHOULD BE PANICKING HAPPENING.

FutureBlonde007 said...

*chuckle* you sure are an entertainer! my sides hurt so badly...keep up the good work. since we go to different schools i'll pick up some stuff too! see you at church...know who i am yet? lol

Blake said...

Blind-making earmuffs... hmm
I think Jeffery has some shoelaces or something in foresty purple. Sounds vaguely like sky blue pink.