Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Bad Poetry Day!

It's Bad Poetry Day, so go out there and write/read/shred/attempt-to-get-banned-from-schools some bad poetry!! ...or something. Actually, don't go banning anything. That stinks. Though I always thought it'd be a great honor to have your book banned...

Today's WFTH are...The Random Ones That Don't Make Any Sense At All! My comments=italics! Enjoy!

"I was LOL-ing out loud." And I was redundantly being redundant.

"So, he sounds like a moose burping when he's not burping?" Exactly.

Person 1: "Klutzes of the world unite! Our meeting place will be the steps right outside the building with the sign "Klutz Meeting Inside." You know none of us will make it up the stairs."
Person 2: "Especially if it's icy." Good point! Let's hear it for the Klu--ow. I think I sprained something.

"Would you please die in an awkward position? Right about here?" No, thanks, really, I'm good without...

Person 1: "What's the difference between zebras and humans?"
Person 2: "Snout!"
Person 3: "Zebras pay their taxes on time!" No, they don't. You're just supposed to think that.


Blake said...

Redundant Eve is Redundant.
Those dang zebras, pretending to pay their taxes on time.
I feel that I witnessed the klutz one.

charli said...

Zebras don't strike me as tax payers so much as tax evaders...just say'n.

Tassel said...

Ah, the moose burping and the klutzes were both me. I feel so honored.