Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Para bailar lasagna, lalalalala...good song, good song. :) Oh, did you know the average square foot of lasagna weighs 14.5 pounds? I know, right? I'm trying to figure out what exactly is in this dang lasagna that is making it so heavy! Meatballs made of lead?? Anyway, welcome to today's Kinda Gross Words From The Hallway!! My comments are like this--ya know, italics. :)

"The inside of its head is squishy--that's so weird." And...what, exactly, are you talking about? ...or do I want to know?

"My guy wants to annex so much he might pee with excitement. That sounded really awkward." True dat.

Person 1 (student): "I challenge everyone to a smart-off."
Person 2 (teacher): "Did you say smart-off or fart-off?" And what a wonderful learning experience that would be.

"Are those [dishes] clean? 'Cause I just threw my eyeball on them." ...no. The answer is: I don't want to know.


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Blake said...

These made me chuckle silently. Well done as usual.

charli said...

Isn't the inside of everyone's head squishy? I mean theoretically?