Thursday, August 4, 2011

National Chocolate Chip Day!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! And, of course, fate has cruelly chosen this day for me to run out of milk-chocolate chips. Oh, the irony!!!

Random picture of the day:

Well, that looks comfy.

Anyway, today's Words are from the Rather Duh-Inspiring category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

Person 1: "First what we need to do is make Brendo really, really obese. And then in a day his metabolism will turn it into muscle, and then he won't be so scrawny!"
Person 2: "I don't think it works like that." Oh, what do you know? ...actually, I don't think so either. I just wanted to argue.

"Does everyone understand what 'crazy with the nitrates' means? It's like kidney poisoning, but it's a funny way to write it, 'cause kidney poisoning's not funny." Maybe not to you.

"Make sure you hold out that silent 'w.'" So...just shut up, basically?

Person 1: "Kate, you've gotten taller!"
Person 2: "I don't think so. I have not grown an inch."
Person 1: "Oh. Have I gotten shrinker?" Um, usually we call that 'shorter,' but new words are always fun, too!

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