Thursday, June 2, 2011

National Rocky Road Day!

Happy National Rocky Road Day!! I thought, at first, that this referred to the ice cream flavor. I was, however mistaken; apparently it refers to an exceedingly bumpy road, filled with stones and hurling insults at you. However, it is, happily, placed in conjunction with the Sidewalk Of Good Fortune, or something along those lines...I can't quite remember what it's called, but it compliments you as you walk upon its face. So the two balance each other out quite nicely.

...these are the things one comes up with when one is faced with a supposedly=capped-at-two-hours-but-really-taking-a-lot-longer-while-also-making-your-butt-go-numb-from-sitting-on-the-bleachers-too-long assembly. :)

Random picture of the day:
...I've really no idea.

Anyway, today's Words are from the Conversations category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

Person 1: "Can we frolic? After the exam? In a meadow?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it's B.Y.O.M.O."
Person 1: "Bring your own meadow?"
Person 2: "Yeah."
Person 3: "Okay, everyone bring in one blad of grass...what constitutes a meadow?"
Person 2: "More than twelve blades of grass. So if someone brings in two..." Then things'll be spiffy.


Person 1: "WE'RE GONNA DIE!"
Person 2: "Shh! You can't say that in school?" Um, hello? Just did.


Person 1: "London is a hilly place."
Person 2: "Like Ohio!"
Person 1: "Only much more..."
Person 2: "Much more British." Weird...wonder why that is?


Person 1: "Go see shows at the Globe in London; it's actually really cheap, only five pounds."
Person 2: "Five pounds of money?"
Person 3: "Yeah, pay in pennies."
Person 2: "Pay in pennies because they weigh much more than dollar bills. I tried to pay five pounds in dollar bills. It took a while." And here I thought their money was called pounds.


Person 1: "We pulled a head out of a bucket of blood. And it was dripping."
Person 2: "Yeah, that did not look real at all."
Person 3: "It's the thought that counts!" And in this case, I think I'd prefer you...not to think of it. Maybe think, or something, next time. Just putting that idea out there. I mean, blood-drenched heads are...always nice. If you're a cannibal in love. Or something similar. But whatever floats your boat bucket of blood.


Anonymous said...

Oh yesh, our delightful conversation in the bleachers! I much enjoyed your December-y Smith-y dance moves to "Dynamite"!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Oh, why thank you, my doughnut-scented, potentially-covered-in-jelly, anonymous friend! mean the ones I forgot half of? Yup, they were...faaabulous. :P But fun!!! XD Thanks :)