Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Donut Day!

Happy Donut Day to all, and to all a happy donut day. I am superbly pleased that I can actually say I had a doughnut this morning. ...what is the difference between donut and doughnut? Is doughnut more correct/fancier? If I say donut instead of doughnut do I sound less educated? Ooh, now this is going to bug me....speaking of bugs, and donuts (this is, like, the best segue ever for this story), contemplating the difference between spelling variations in pastries reminds me of when we had pet mealworms in third grade, and on Donuts For Dads Day, we were showing off our mealworms, and Taylor's apparently literate and knowledgable-of-the-event mealworms moved themselves into the forms of D-O-N-U-T, which was quite amusing.

...all my mealworms ever did was die. Not that I'm bitter. Or anything. I had two in my little plastic container, and then one died, and Evan gave me one of his, and then my original second mealworm (or perhaps the new one; who can really tell them apart? maybe mealworm mamas...) died. And then whatever stupid worm I had left kicked the bucket. They were dropping like flies mealworms, I tell you! It was redonkulous! But, on the plus side, it prepared me for my brother's pet caterpillar. Which pooped little green pellets all over the inside of my old bead jar. I did not ask for it back. That was a fun experience.

But anyway...

Random picture of the day:

Lovely and leafy. I can honestly say that those are the best leaves I've seen hovering in midair all day.

Anyway, today's Words are from the Fairly Mean category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"No, that's disrespectful! You shouldn't shoot a guy with a dirty gun!" Using windshield wiper or soap derived from the grease upon the about-to-be-shot-guy's head is much more respectful.

"You can't kick a puppy! That's illegal! You can only do that on Saturdays!" Or on a blue moon, or on the second Thursday of the fourth month of the third year in a spectaculunar cycle. I think. Unless it's a month beginning with R, in which...I think you need a new calendar.

"I'm pretty sure that if you died at sea today, they'd put you in a refrigerator and bring you home." What a relief. Wait--I forgot about my crushing refrigeratoraphobia!!! Nooooooo!

Person 1: "She's hacking my leg off!"
Person 2: "No, I'm just massaging your leg--with my sword." Oh, well, that makes everything better.

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