Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moment of Laughter Day!

Happy Moment of Laughter Day! Ha! Okay, moment's over.

Random picture of the day:

Okay, if you must continue the moment of laughter for today's holiday, I shall try to facilitate this wish. Today's Words are from the Conversations category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

Person 1: "What would happen if they touched?"
Person 2: "A black hole would form and everyone would die." Well, that's reassuring.


Person 1: "Ah! Foot cramp!"
Person 2: "How do you get a foot cramp?"
Person 1: "How do you not get a foot cramp? Are you just immune to foot crampery? Do you eat two bananas every five hours?" Yes, and then I transmogrify them into foot decoys for all foot crampery to latch themselves onto rather than my actual feet, how did you know?


Person 1: "I don't draw meat on a regular basis!"
Person 2: "But you eat it!"
Person 1: "That doesn't mean I draw it!" Do you sense this conversation is going nowhere? Caught in a loop, perhaps? Or maybe a link? ...a sausage link?


Person 1: "I like to take my backpack off with a flourish. Is that a problem?"
Person 2: "Yes!" Huh. Sucks for you, then.


Person 1: "Bananas?"
Person 2: "Yeah, they're full of potassium and aggression." Your full daily dose of aggression all in one tasty snack!


charli said...

Please don't touch, please don't touch, please...

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Yeah, I generally prefer not to have black holes form and everyone die...I'm really not sure why this is an issue at school but, whatevs.

Corinne said...

The picture made me smile.
Foot cramps... they're unavoidable.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Not for some people, apparently.