Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hiya! Did you know that on this day in 1964, the album "Meet the Beatles" was released in the U.S.? (Also a lot of other stuff happened in other years but that was pretty much the coolest. Although it was a close second (kinda) (except not at all) with Boca, California hitting an low-temperature state record of -45 degrees Fahrenheit in 1937).

More importantly, it is:

-January 20
-a Thursday
-Day of Renewal and Reconcilation
-National Coffee Break Day and...(drumroll please)


So cool, right? The cooler thing would be to combine them and have coffee made out of cheese. Or the other way around. (That actually sounds like it would taste awful.) I tried to find an image of that, but for some reason no one has ever tried to combine those two, it appears. So, take a coffee break and then go reconcile with a cheese lover while taking some time for renewal.

Too many holidays! Brain imploding!

...Anyway. Today's WFTH are from the Fairly Mean category. My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"Ahaha, yes. About John Lennon Zombie swimming the Atlantic to strangle people." Um. Of course. I would agree. ...wait, what?

Person 1: [shakes invisible chainsaw at friends]
Person 2 (teacher): "Nick!"
Person 1: "Huh?"
Person 2: "You're so violent!"
Person 1: "Uh, no. I was, uh, trimming their hedges. 'Cause we're such great friends."
Person 2: "Yeah. I was wondering what excuse you were gonna come up you trim hedges with a machine gun?"
Person 1: "No! It was a chainsaw! I was starting it up!" Invisible chainsaw versus invisible machine gun: the ongoing dilemma.

"Marissa is being homicidal towards her Styrofom tray." Again.

"Could you cut off your head? That would be convenient..." Sorry. Maybe if I had an invisible chainsaw.


Blake said...

Dear Eve,
The first one. I love you. Also, the third one was documented by yours truly.
Love, Blake

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Dear Blake,

ROFL at that one--it had to be posted. :D
LOL--that's an old one; I'm glad you remember that. :)

Love, Eve