Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shortest. Blog post. Evar!

Sooo sleepy...no real intro today, sorry ladies and germs, but I seriously am going to try to get at least six hours of sleep tonight. :) So, that's cool. :) You should do the same. Also, you should try Neopolitan (not sure if that's spelled right) ice cream--it's amazing. Like getting free samples of three flavors, only all at once! Par-tay! :D

"Ow! He hit me with his eye!" That would be painful, but usually not for the person being hit...aren't eyeballs squishy?

"You sound like a petrified zombie." As opposed to a decomposing one.

"2 + 2 is MILK!" And what level of high school math are we taking now?

"Do you own pants?" Not anymore...


charli said...

So...are the zombies hitting with eyeballs? Because otherwise, ouch!! my eye!

Blake said...

Ew, eyeball projectile!

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Not again!