Thursday, November 18, 2010

Please State Your Password.

My apologies. Unless you know the correct password you may not retain access to this blog. Also you have to...wait, what? Oh, my humblest and most metallic apologies. I am now receiving information that says actually anyone can see this blog. I think I am in the wrong place. Hold on a moment please. Yes. Yes, it appears I am actually supposed to be guarding a Pentagonal blog. Or maybe the White House. Please disregard all previous instructions. Thank you and good day.

What was that robot doing in my studio? Get him out of here!

Sorry. You just can't find good free robotic secretarial help these days. Though I actually didn't want any.

But anyway.

Today's WFTH are from the Say What? category! My comments are in italics. Enjoy! :)

"I'll bring in wrist cupcakes!" Are they made of actual wrists, or just pretend ones? Because the fake ones ain't gonna cut it. No way, no how.

"I just found a crowbar and carried it around all day." Umm...good for you...?

"Kendra's sister is the light of my life...she's the water in my fountain." I really hope that was said ironically.

Person 1: "You know what I learned today? Cows cannot go down stairs."
Person 2 (teacher): "Unless you push them! [flails arms about in imitation of cow pushed down stairs]" This is a good thing to learn. Thank you for enlightening us. did you learn this, exactly? I recall, as soon as this was said, much discussion ensued about employing a special automated stairs-helper-going-down-er for the cow, and imitation thereof. I think we were supposed to know...actually having class...but whatevs. ;)


charli said...

Technically, anything can go downstairs if you push it, but I'm pretty sure cows don't flail their arms about even when pushed. Just say'n.

Blake said...

Do cows even have arms? Discuss.