Saturday, October 2, 2010


'Tis me, again. :) Did you know that yesterday was 10-01-10? So cool, right? Anyway...

Today's Words From The Hallway are from the category of...(drumroll, please and danke) Say What? :) My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"I want to make sure you are very thorough and able to speak leaf." If you insist. But really, isn't the branch dialect close enough to pass for leaf?

"And now, I shall eat the water fountain." And now, I shall call the water department and/or ambulance.

"So, then, can I get a fish drunk?" I dunno, can you?

Person 1: "It's Yiddish. It means crazy in the brain."
Person 2: "As opposed to crazy in the foot." Uh, yeah. Duh.

"He just terrifies everybody, 'cause he's half-taco." I'm terrified already.

1 comment:

Blake said...

I have actually never gotten a fish drunk. I must attempt this.
I know some Yiddish! Granted, it's mostly inappropriate, but I know some!