Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have a three-part-guy-harmony version of "Bad Romance" stuck in my head...I've heard it three times today, with various juggling/yo-yo accompaniment.

But anyway...yay! Thanks for being patient, my computer is now back up and running, with marginally less groaning occurring.

Today's Mud Pack Day, with that what you will...I think it has something to do with spas, and/or is a key ingredient in most mud pies...whaaaatever. :)

AAAAnyway...Today's WFTH are in the Say What? category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"In second period I had a girl who was executed for treason." And that's always reassuring to hear from a teacher...

"Do sea cucumbers have feelings?" The better question is: Do we care about the sea cucumbers' feelings, and potential lack thereof? ...The answer is: Yes, of course! Madly!

"OK! That's just like giving me false hope, and then crushing my soul!" Yes, yes, of course.

"We could have just walked right into this bear." And the world may have ended. 

"You're Kreepy with a 'K'!" And you're a bad speller with a B, A, D, D, S, P, I, E, L, L, L, A, R!


Tassel said...

"I should change colors, just to see if my brain explodes."

Yes, that sounds intelligent...

Blake said...

Ah, the guys' Bad Romance. I love them so much :)
I'll bet those sea cucumbers have a ton of feelings. More than Ron Weasley, at least.

Blake said...

Also, Eve, you're a hypocrite with a capital HIPPO.
Because of the last post? Get it? Get it?