Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh Scrap.

That's a not-really-profane profanity I picked up from a kids' movie. :) It was about robots, maybe that's why...I got nothin'. Anyway. The Rather Duh-Inspiring WFTH of today (with my comments in italics) are as follows [ahem]:

"I bet Medusa eats Gorgonzola! Because she's a Gorgon, and Gorgonzola has Gorgon in it, and...oh, never mind." more cheesy puns, now.

Person 1: "Hey, what's that in the sky?"
Person 2: "That's a cloud, Mom." Oh...I've been wondering what those were. There seem to be a gosh-darn lot of them! 

"Um, no thank you, I like my head." Oh yeah? Your face is...a head. That didn't work.

Person 1: "'I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!'"
Person 2: "Too bad I don't have a dog!" Wow...

"I don't think a PopTart can fit into a blowhole." You don't know that!!


charli said...

I guess the next question is "Why would we want to fit a pop tart in a blow hole...and is the whale going to cooperate so we can check?"

Blake said...

Holy spit!
Ooh, dog burn!