Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tralala, tralala...

Guess what? It's World Gratitude Day! 

Aw! Along those lines, except not really, today's Words From The Hallway are: Fairly Mean! My comments are italicized! Bon appetit! :)

"I'm gonna kill you in a very non-violent way." Have fun with that.

Person 1: "[singing] There's a tree, in our living room, filled with squirrels, and other animals..."
Person 2: "Including Diglets! Diglet-dig, Diglet-dig, Diglet dig--"
Person 1: "[gun sound] [singing] No more Diglet!" Sadness. Aren't Diglets, like, Pokemon?

"He killed Bambi's mom! I'll have his guts for garters and pull his liver right out of his body and eat it and pick my teeth with his spinal cord!" Thank you for that lovely image. Also, here are some brochures I found for anger managment classes...no reason.


Blake said...

I adore Diglets.
And I've taken anger management classes since that last one, swear!

Tassel said...

Yeah, diglets are pokémon... it's a little sad how much I know about pokémon, actually.