Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Tis random day again!

...Today's WFTH are the Random Nonsensical ones! (They really need a better name. Anyone?) My comments = the italics! Bon appetit! :D

"We're having a math soap opera. And, I'm stalking Chase." That would be a wonderful second season's plot!

Person 1: "I hate Shakespeare."
Person 2: "He hates you too." Well, we already knew that.

"Did you just lick my thumb?" What, didn't you notice?

"Bookworms of the world unite! As soon as we finish the background reading." Of course. :)

"Whoa, can we get some Tabasco for those egg brains?" Oh, how delicious.


Tassel said...

I'm sure they'd be delicious with Tabasco.

charli said...

Let's call these "Say WHAT?" quotes...or not.
and wait--do eggs have brains?? And I like cheese on my egg brains. yum!

Blake said...

I love me some egg brains.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Don't we all. :D
Ooh, that's good. Let's try that! :)