Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy National Waffle Day!!!!

Oh my waffle-flippin' goodness! It's National Waffle Day! Check it out!!!

(this was supposed to be a picture of a waffle...only for some reason it's not showing up. So go GoogleImage 'waffles' and you'll see the pic I was going to post. :) )

Today's subject of WFTH is...Nonsensical! My comments are in italics! :)

"And, my turtle just fell off the ceiling." As usual.

"I've known my tongue a long time." That's probably a good thing.

"My brain's gonna explode out of my brain." That's probably not a good thing. But I'm glad you're so calm about it.

"Slug! You're it! No slug-backs!" ...if you say so.

Person 1: "A little pizza never hurt anyone."
Person 2: "Well this one killer pizza did. It went on a rampage."
Person 1: "A rampage?"
Person 2: "Several people were overcome by cheese." Uh-huh, and meatballs rained from the sky. That would never happen, right?


charli said...

I hate when my turtle falls off the ceiling and yet, he never comes when I call him.

Tassel said...

Hey, you never know when the weatherman will forecast Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Blake said...

Yeah, my tongue and I are close friends. We chatter all the time.