Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Be An Angel Day! 0:-)

See it? It's a smiley face with a halo! :) Today's WFTH are in the loverly category of...The Ones That Don't Make Any Sense! :) My comments are in italics! Enjoy!

"[dramatic music] Harry Potter and the Dishes of Doom!" Yeah, and what an epic journey that would be.

"They're, like, the Wal-Mart of tea." Well, that explains a lot. Oh, wait. No it doesn't.

"Emma, pick up your fish." Yeah, geez, Emma!

"I wish my brothers got attacked by a cow..." Don't we all.

"Your science experiment is to watch the gnats on my leg." Gee, thanks.


Tassel said...

Person 1: "Did [Washington and Jefferson] both sign the Declaration of Independence, or did Washington die before it was done?"

Person 2: "...remember who was our first President?"

Person 1: "...oh yeah."

*shakes head* People these days. XD

Tassel said...

"But they're NOT zombies! Zombies are REANIMATED dead people, and my dead people are not reanimated. They stay dead!"

Yeah, I said that. About thirty seconds ago.

Blake said...

Gnats are gross. End of experiment.
Emma needs to sharpen her goldfish.
Pfft, Harry Potter doesn't need to do dishes, he's HARRY FREAKIN' POTTER.