Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Bonus Post-a-rama!

:) And now it's time for (drumroll please) some Rather Duh-Inspiring quotes! My comments are like this! Enjoy!

Person 1: "[Name] seven ways to ride an octopus!"
Person 2: "On the first tentacle, on the second tentacle, on the third tentacle, on the fourth tentacle, on the fifth tentacle, on the sixth tentacle, on the seventh tentacle, on the eighth tentacle."
Person 3: "That's eight."
Person 2: "Oh." ...Wow.

"Ew. I hate soft rain." opposed to, what, hail?

"They wrote on their van! That's vandelism! Ha ha. Ha...ha." Again, wow.

Person 1: "Wait, how are you a freshman?"
Person 2: "...'Cause I was in eighth grade last year?" That is usually how it works...


charli said...

I kinda prefer soft rain as opposed to the hard stuff...esp when I don't have an umbrella. ouch!

Blake said...

What's that sound?
It's the sound of me hitting the person who made the vandalism pun over the head with the person who laughed at it.
I don't like puns.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

I'm pretty sure that was Tassel. She's not gonna appreciate that. :)