Sunday, August 8, 2010

Send-it-in Sunday!

Hey, all! Eve here, as usual. If you want to donate a funny quote you've heard at your school, office, the mall, wherever, feel free to put it in your comments to Sunday posts--that's why they're called Send-it-in Sundays! :) They might just show up in the blog itself! :)
Now...the main course! Serving up a Sunday platter-o-quotes! My comments are in italics! Toodles!

Some are fairly mean:

"That's not an ugly blob, that's your face! Wait...that came out wrong." Really?

Person 1 (student): "Ow!"
Person 2 (teacher): "Did you hit him?"
Person 3 (student): "No, he hit himself in the face with a spoon."
Person 2 (teacher): "Aw, too bad. I was going to give you extra credit."

Some are kinda gross:

"You just ripped his leg hair out." And I'm sure it looks lovely now. Not to mention the pain.

"[excited squeal] I wanna blow my nose on them!!"

Some are rather duh-inspiring:

"Somehow I got negative zero." Kind of like your grade in math if you don't get a different answer.
"You know what chocolate milk tastes like? Cold hot chocolate!"

And some don't make any sense at all!

"I have so much homework I'm gonna blow up."
"She just called me a very special pickle." That's a compliment. Really.

"[annoyed] And then the flower's, like, a snotty flower!"

Person 1: "Oh! A banana! Oh, wait, that's not a banana."
Person 2: "Yeah. It's a star-bellied fish."

"My feet could, like, eat your feet. Om nom nom..." Oookay...

Person 1: "In Social Studies, we were talking about penguins?"
Person 2: "What does that have to do with E-flat?"
Person 1: "Oh, it does. A lot. They quack in E-flat."
Person 3: "Penguins don't quack! They bark!"
Person 1: "Seals bark!"
Person 3: "Penguins do too!"
Person 2: "Penguins speak Swedish."
Person 3: "Swedish fish are from Canada."


Anonymous said...

Hi! it's cari :) these are so funny. my mom was in the other room and was asking why i was laughing so hard. keep it up!!

Blake said...

Hilarity, especially with the Swedish fish one. My childhood was a LIE!

Tassel said...

I've heard a lot of these. I keep hearing quotes and thinking, "I've got to send that to Eve!" but now I can't remember a single one.