Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Lazy Day!

Wow...it's like a holiday engineered especially for me! How nice! The question is: Do I get presents for being lazy, and does typing disqualify me? ;-) Anyway, today's Words From The Hallway are under the topic of...Kinda Gross!

"It was dead silent, and I was just thinking, 'please let someone fart.'"

"Lacerated liver. Or is it spleen?"

Person 1: "For example, you shove someone through a window. There may be heavy bleeding."
Person 2: "It's only happened four times."

(I know this is actually random, but I just had to throw this one in...)

"Someone literally signed in with the excuse that there was a ninja zombie attack."


Blake said...

Spleen love.
And for one thing, ninjas lose their ninja-ness when they become zombies, thus there is no such thing as a ninja zombie. Idiotic person.
There ARE pirate zombies though, which is why pirates are better.
Love these, by the way.

Tassel said...

Ah, but Blake, did you know that there are zombie unicorns? They're called zombicorns. And they're much more zombie-y than unicorn-y. And I'm on Team Unicorn anyway, 'cause zombies are lame. ...I think I should stop talking.

charli said...

Whether there are or are not pirate zombies or ninja zombies, I know I don't wanna meet them in a dark alley...or any alley, really.