Monday, January 10, 2011

Rahthah Rahndom. Ahnd British.

Yello! What's up, everybody? Nothin' much? Same here, kinda, not really. Lemme just say: Whoever said having play practice for three hours every day the week of exams was a good thing? Sadly mistaken, my friend. And that's just if involved with one play.'s all fun! Busy, hectic as heck (haha!), but sooo much fun! And that is why I have WFTH from the probably-one-and-only-time-category of: Stuff From Yesterday's Play Practice! Yaaaaay! (I have honestly no idea why any of this came up, as the play itself has nothing to do with these quotes, but...whatevs.) :D My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

Person 1: "I'm not gonna shower. Because I'm a girl and I'm not gross like you. I sweat perfume and rainbows. You sweat toads and mud."
Person 2: "Um, actually, toads are a very appealing scent." I quite agree. Eau de toad-o is my favorite scented lotion.

"Both of your heads between your knees! This is very important!" Umm. This was said to one person. I've really no idea when they grew an extra head but...whatevs.

Person 1: "You've never had cauliflower? Are you American?"
Person 2: "It's gross."
Person 3: Amy, you're a vegetarian! You have to like all vegetables!"
Person 2: "That's vegetarianist! I'm taking offense!" ...Vegetarianist?

"[completely seriously] That was so beautiful! She looked like a blender!" I, personally, find blenders very beautiful myself.

Person 1: "I'm chlorophyll! Smell my hand!"
Person 2: [holds hand in Person 1's face] "Does this smell like chloroform to you?" [holds hand in someone else's face] "Does this smell like chloroform to you? Oh, too bad, you're dead." First of all: why are we becoming plant materials and knocking-out fluids? And second of all...I'm pretty sure chloroform doesn't kill you. But, ya know...whatevs.


Blake said...

Chloroform won't kill you... somebody doesn't know their knockout drugs.
I know a vegetarian who hates veggies. Weird...

Eve S. D'ropper said...

I quite agree.
Hmm. "If vegetarians eat only vegetables, what do humanatarians eat?" ...this apparently has been proven wrong because of the fact that our vegetarian friends don't eat vegetables! weird...