Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm baaack!

Didja miss me? :D I missed y'alls too. Guess what today is? It's Dress Up Your Pet Day! 

(I wouldn't recommend attempting to dress up your pet. Especially if you happen to own a shark for friendly companionship.)

But, anyway, here is a picture of a somewhat-less-deadly (one would hope (but one never knows, really)) animal to celebrate.

(Wow. Got enough pictures today? Ah, I couldn't resist. ;D)

And now, to the WFTH! Today's are from the Say What? category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"He's counting potatoes in your bedroom right now but that's okay." No, it is not okay! I have a strict no-counting rule in my room. Potatoes are fine, but counting? Absolutely not. (I just made this rule up. I'm sure you couldn't tell. But actually, I think I'll keep it--how can I be expected to do my math homework if I have a principle against counting? Eureka!)

Person 1 (male teacher): "Let it be bright and happy. Like a giant unicorn."
Person 2: "...that would scare me."
Person 1: "No, it's a smiling unicorn. With a rainbow mane." Oh, well that makes everything better.

"I have nothing but peas on my floor at home. No pets." I've always said vegetable pets were the best. Or was that vegetative? Meditative? Ah, same diff.

Person 1: "If you weren't supposed to eat meat, it wouldn't taste so good."
Person 2: "And cows wouldn't be so stupid!"
Person 3: "Cows aren't stupid!"
Person 2: "You can tip them over!" Flawless logic, that.

"And he's potatoing, potatoing, potatoing, potatoing..." Again with the vegetables! Er...and starches! What is with these people? Also, what does 'potatoing' mean? ...These are great questions of the world. I must go on a quest to seek the answers! ...Nah, too much effort.


Blake said...

But sharks make such great friendly companions!
And now I rant:
Dressing up your pets is really weird... seriously. Animals aren't malleable toys for us to manipulate, they're ANIMALS. I mean, if you've got a hairless cat or a fine-haired dog and you put them in a sweater in the winter, that's fine. But costumes? Purses? Really?
Because we beings of "higher intelligence" just love to exploit other living things with less power. Don't even get me STARTED on animal testing. Okay, done.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Friendly, yes. Deadly, extra yes.

Thank you for the rant; I agree. :) And no, I will not get you started on animal testing.

charli said...

I love to potato. And then dress my pet potato as a bunny and take it places in my purse...but, then, doesn't everyone?

Ever hear the comedian who said "If aliens came to Earth and saw us walking our dogs with little bags to scoop their poo with...they'd think the dogs were in charge." just say'n...maybe they are!