Saturday, January 8, 2011

National Winter Trails Day!

Happy National Winter Trails Day, everyone! Go...make a trail...winterly. Or something.


Anyway, today's WFTH are from the Fairly Mean category! My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :D

"I can actually see everyone! Wow, there's a lot of ugly people out there!" Oh, yeah? Well, all the ugly people can see you too! And they're armed with rotten tomatoes and flying squids! (The miniature, handheld kind.) (Handheld squids are the best.)

"Yes. He happens to be a very bad cow." As opposed to humanitarian cows. Er...beefetarian? Ah, who knows.

"But if you have to insult someone, that lazy slob, I mean lovely person..." Suuuure you meant that. Let us arm these lovely slobs with tomatoes too...although that'd be kinda pointless, I suppose.

Person 1: "Dead on the inside and an invisible girlfriend. He has issues."
Person 2: "That's why he's dead on the inside." True dat. (Professionally, this is what we call an interior-zombie. FYI.)

"I didn't see them kill anybody while they did it." There were several bodies left on the scene afterwards, but I'm sure that was a complete coincidence.


Blake said...

There ARE a lot of ugly people out there... ugh.
Average looking people making fun of ugly people ftw! *punches air*
Wow, I've been mean lately... I love you all :) No really, I do. That is all.

charli said...

Are bad cows the ones that kick you when you milk them? Or are they the robbing banks kind of bad?