Friday, January 7, 2011

So guess what?

I found a note in my pocket, which reads: "bcr; lic; job? dia? roe! WILBUR Jan 1 1863; duct tape" in my handwriting.

If you have any idea what it means, please inform me....because otherwise I'm pretty much out of luck.

Sometimes secret codes can be too secret. Or perhaps abbreviations can be too...abbreviated.

Or maybe I just write random letters of nonsense and put them in my pocket to confuse myself later.

I may never know the answer.

But rather than philosophically musing (or whatever the heck that was), let us carry on, to today's WFTH! Today's quotes are from the Roulette Wheel category! (Roulette Wheel=Anything goes! :D) My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"[curious] Why are you trying to rip your face off?" Is this another of those...whaddyacallem...rhetorical questions? 'Cause...I dunno the answer either.

"I wanna human-sacrifice him!" I have never, before this day, seen human-sacrifice as a verb. I now resolve to use it in every sentence possible. Starting now. *ahem* I eat burritos every morning after I human-sacrifice my chili. ....Waiiiiit...

Person 1: "I remember you saying, 'Oh, I swear on my life I will help you.'"
Person 2: "Well, you have a really bad memory, then."
Person 1: "Maybe you have multiple-personality disorder, did you ever think of that? Maybe one of your other personalities said it."
Person 2: "No."
Person 1: "I think it'd be nice to have multiple-personality disorder. Only if they could communicate, though. It'd be like having friends in a pocket."
Person 2: "Friends in a pocket?"
Person 1: "Friends-2-Go." No.

"'Cause he cut his head off with a fire ax." Of course, why do you ax?

Person 1: "That's what happens when you're a boy scout and you turn 18. You become:"
Person 1 & 2: "A MAN SCOUT."
Person 2: "And then there's a different kind of man scout, in which you go--"
Person 1 & 2: "SCOUTING for MEN." Um.....well.....okay, I have no idea.


Blake said...

OHMYGOD Man Scout... I almost laughed myself into a coma.
Hey, if Facebook and Twitter are verbs now, why can't human-sacrifice be one too, huh? What do you have against violence?

Eve S. D'ropper said...

I know, right? What. The heck! Soooo funny.

Ahhh, good point. I concede.