Saturday, November 13, 2010


...what's up? Nothin' much on this end. Met a robot baby this weekend. It robotically cried. Business as usual. 

Tada, another NaNoWriMo pic! :)

So, yeah, editing cats, also business as, anyway, today's WFTH are from the Say What? category, oh, and guess what? (Must start new line for emphasis. Hold on.)

Today's post is an all-teachers edition!

(OK, back to normal post intro.) My comments are in italics! Enjoy! :)

"Yeah. Plants are smart. Plants don't spontaneously combust." Most of them, anyway.

"[Mary Shelley] knows two words. And they were...abhorrent, and...oh yes, fiend." She does tend to use those quite frequently. She probably also knows the word "the"...I noticed that popped up quite a lot in her book. Almost like a recurring theme...hey, let's write an essay on that!

"Okay, everybody, I want you to do your air and buttons!" Um. Let's really hope this was a band teacher.

"A billionaire could make a better stapler than this!" Nah, he (or she)'d just get a lackey to do it for them. And then it'd be made in China, and it'd end up being about the same quality. Looks like you've got a stapler dilemma. Huh.

"Just...don't breathe!" Sage advice.

"She made me wear a hot-pink dress! I looked like a cupcake!" I can honestly say I've never seen a hot-pink cupcake. It would be very interesting to see in a blender with something green, though. Maybe green Skittles? Polka-dot milkshakes are so much fun!


Eve S. D'ropper said...

Ay caramba. No idea why the spacing is always getting messed up. Sorry, ladies and germs!

Blake said...

Mary Shelley also uses ardour and wretch a serious amount of times.

Tassel said...

I have to wonder if I said the cupcake one. I don't recall saying anything of the sort, but something like that DID happen to me once.

Eve S. D'ropper said...

Good point, Blake.
Nah, Tassel, they were all teachers in this post. What happened to you, though?