Saturday, October 16, 2010

Guess what else today is!

Iiiiiit's a Bonus Saturday, ladies and germs!! That's right, you get two posts in one day! And, if you call in to the hotline now, you'll get a Free Car!! (That was sarcasm, people.) (There is no car.) (Also, there's no hotline. It's a website.)

Anywho, we now have some Words from the Say What? category! Enjoy! My comments are in italics! :)

"Bizarrely, I don't think Ohio will ever go to war with New York." But you don't know that.

"I refuse to believe that I am not dead!" [psychiatrist's voice] And how does that make you feel?

"The letter will look like this: Then Avonelle went to the bathroom. She hid in there for a while. I think she was counting tiles again. Emily learned to count to twelve today, and Michelle is still trying to catch up, but at least she now knows five words that have more than two syllables, unlike the former. Morgan was told twice that Harry Potter is not a reliable source for her essay on early writings of the 18th century, and I learned that I cannot fly, nor should I ever attempt it. The ground hurts." Best. Letter. Ever!


Tassel said...

The cake is a lie?!

Blake said...

Seriously? Because hitting New Yorkians with a mallet sounds like great fun.